The Russian shiprepairing complex is planning to put into operation a new boiler room. The shipyard is specially built for the repair and conversion of ships and other marine equipment of any class and purpose, including the atomic ones. Today it is a recognized Russian leader in this field of activity. The shipyard is also building vessels and offshore platforms.

ISS GS scope was 1400 km road transportation of 18 oversized boiler room modules, with total cargo weight of 263 MT, from the manufacturer in Dubna, near Moscow to the shiprepairing center in Severodvinsk. In total, three shipments are planned, the first one is completed, the second is now in process.

We faced a few challenges here. First, there were eight road repair sections on the federal highway, accordingly, it was necessary to maximally clearly work out the route. In addition, the maximum permissible width for transport on the federal highways in Russia is three and a half meters. Since the cargo exceeded this figure it was necessary to go through a long and complicated way to obtain a special permission.

In addition, the territory of the shipyard is a high-security facility and in order to get inside it is necessary to provide in advance and as accurately as possible data on transportable vehicles, drivers and a number of accompanying documents. Despite all the difficulties, our team successfully completed the task.