Energy sector

Electricity is required even in the vastness of Siberia, where our specialists contributed to the enlargement of the gas power station in Surgut. Ensuring a proper just-in-time supply of spare parts could be challenging. We, as ISS Global Solutions, take care of it.

Liquefied natural gas

Russia intends to become the largest LNG supplier in the world. Yet this requires some more huge and complex projects such as Arctic LNG. ISS is keen to contribute sophisticated logistics solutions to realize new LNG projects right in time.


Maintaining pipeline systems is a challenging task. This is especially true for Russia, which runs the largest network of pipelines in the world so far. As Integrated Service Solutions has experience in midstream projects in Africa and Middle East, we are keen to help.


ISS specialists contributed to Sibur’s polymer plant in Tobolsk, Creon is working on Gazprom’s Amur Gas Processing Plant. Together we help to shape a large trend, which is converting gas to goods which gain competitiveness in export markets.


Our group’s experts have shipped and installed 16 lock gates for the Panama Canal extension, weighing 4,800 tons each. The larger the project, the more exciting it is for them. They are truly passionate about large-scale shipments for the energy sector.

Wind energy

In EU countries like Germany, renewable energy accounts for almost one quarter of the energy mix. The most important energy source is wind, which used to generate electricity for ever larger plants. Wind power continues to be a growing sector in Europe and is starting to develop in Eurasia.