Jet bridge (or passenger boarding bridge, PBB) is a connector which extends from an airport terminal gate to the aircraft and allows passengers to board and disembark without going outside. Delivery of the PBB for the Khabarovsk International Airport started in early April.

On April 8, the vessel with the cargo departed from İzmir (Turkey) to the city of Busan (South Korea). In early June, it reached the port in Korea. The total weight of the cargo amounted  to 110 tons (3 PBB units and 42 components). Dimensions of the jet bridges are 18.5 * 3.57 * 4.11 m / 18.5 tons; 22.5 * 3.57 * 4.11 m / 22 tons; 28 * 3.57 * 4.11 m / 28 tons. At Busan, the jet bridges were transshipped to a tramp vessel and shipped to the Commercial Port of Vladivostok.

ISS GS controlled the handling of jet bridges in the Commercial Port of Vladivostok. Cargo shipment to Khabarovsk was implemented stage by stage with trucks. 6 haul cycles by 3 cars (2 jet bridges and 1 platform) were performed. The distance from the place of loading to the place of discharging was 800 km. The pilot vehicles led the trucks loaded with jet bridges from Vladivostok at night to avoid the city traffic in the daytime.

The length of one of the jet bridges was 28 meters. The difficulty was that there were almost no trailers available in the region to carry out the transportation of the specified cargo length. Unfair competitors proposed usual timber carrier to solve the issue. But the highest professionalism of ISS GS specialists allowed to locate the necessary trailer eventually and to perform the delivery of this jet bridge.

Another specific feature of the shipment was the height of the jet bridges combined with the trailer (about 5 meters), as there were several road bridges with the safe height under 5 meters on the route. Last week, the jet bridges and all the necessary components for further operation was delivered to the Khabarovsk International Airport. ISS GS Company has once again successfully coped with a difficult task, proving that there are no impossible missions for the company.

Whereas a number of large-scale investment projects will be implemented in the Far East of Russia in the coming years, ISS GS intends to open its representative office in the region. The company is always ready for mutually beneficial and productive cooperation with local specialists.