ISS GS started shipment of wind turbines generating system with a nominal capacity of 3.8 MW to Kazakhstan Republic. On June 4, the first consignment of 7 nacelle wind turbines, hubs and components was loaded  in the port of Brake (Germany). Each nacelle wind turbine, manufactured by one of the leading world brands, weighs 102 tons.

The customer is the largest Italian energy company which is engaged in the implementation of the wind power plant project with a capacity of 50 MW in the village of Badamsha, Kargaly District of Kazakhstan. This investment project was the result of agreements within the Memorandum  signed in June 2017. The facility will be the first wind power plant to be built within the new regulatory system, and will contribute to the development of the renewable energy industry, newly introduced in Kazakhstan.

13 sets on 7 vessels will be delivered to Kazakhstan from the ports of Germany and Turkey. The vessels with heavy oversized equipment will cross  Baltics, Aegean and Marmara Seas, Russian  river ways  and berth port of Aktau in the Caspian Sea.

The equipment will be loaded onto the road transport at the  terminal in Aktau, and then delivered to the construction site in Badamsha. The transportation of 65-meter long blades at the distance 1325 km is the most challenging part of the project. The total tonnage of the equipment, including standard-sized cargo delivered by trucks from China and Germany, is circa 40,000 freight tons.