ISS Global Solutions has completed the delivery of surface wind energy units for a large-scale project in Kazakhstan. Italy’s GE Renewable Energy — a GE division specialising on solutions for green power generation — acted as the customer. The Badamsha wind farm is GE’s first RES project in Kazakhstan intended to contribute to the republic’s ambitious goal of raising the share of electricity generated from renewable energy sources up to 50% by 2050.

The delivery of 13 wind power generators from German and Turkish seaports to the construction site in Badamsha took a little over five months (June through November 2019). Seven ships, including five river-sea navigation vessels, crossed the Baltic, Aegean, and Marmara Seas, as well as Russia’s river routes on the way to their final destination — the Caspian port of Aktau. Thereafter, the cargo was delivered by motor vehicles using special axles for 105T nacelles and pole trailers for 63m-long blades. The total weight of delivered equipment, including standard size cargoes, exceeded 52,000 shipping tonnes.

Vladimir Nekhvyadovich, First Deputy General Director of ISS Global Solutions, notes: “The particular challenge of this project was the need to ship the blades over 60 metres long, which equals the average height of a 20-storey building, for a distance of 1,950 km! We are currently preparing for the shipment of 77m-long blades scheduled for 2020”.

The contract was performed after thorough calculations of the delivery route that took several months. Jointly with contractors, the team developed an optimum equipment unloading plan and equipment fastening design, carried out a number of road survey activities, and prepared the road infrastructure for an unobstructed and safe shipment of cargo components