In early autumn, ISS Global Solutions team had started the project of Sany asphalt batching plant multimodal transportation from Shanghai (China) to Moscow. The customer was a Russian company specialized in the production of asphalt concrete for key Federal highways, such as the M11 highway “Moscow – St. Petersburg”.

The vessel with oversized cargo (81 packages in total) – gross weight 322 tons and measurement 2512 CBM – left the port of Shanghai on September, 23rd and, following the route through the Suez Canal with calls at ports of Brake (Germany) and Copenhagen (Denmark), called at the port of Bronka (St. Petersburg) on November, 11th.

The way from the terminal in St. Petersburg to the customer’s location in Moscow took only seven days because of using 35 units of specialized equipment, including 17 low-bed trucks for oversized positions, 4 trailers for container transportation and 14 53-foot trailers for other positions.

An unpleasant moment, well known to the logistics companies working with China, was the discrepancy between the actual dimensions of the cargo and the accompanying documents provided by the manufacturer. ISS GS team had to promptly re-issue permits on the spot, organize loading on board and cargo customs clearance. Well done!